Neuroscientist studying spatial memory

I am currently at NYU working in André Fenton's lab, combining calcium imaging and electrophysiological methods to evaluate memory dynamics across various brain regions. I'm primarily interested in how the hippocampus coordinates itself with cortical brain regions during memory retrieval and spatial navigation.

After beginning my undergraduate research at UC Irvine in the Chubb-Wright lab, I received my PhD from the Department of Psychology at UCLA in 2021, where I studied hippocampal place cells in Tad Blair's lab. I primarily focused on applying calcium imaging to the rat so that we could evaluate long term memory dynamics within the same cell population, and how these are affected by acetylcholine1. I've collaborated with the Miniscope consortium at UCLA to expand upon this project (e.g. the MiniLFOV2) and help other labs adapt the technique to suit their research needs (in collaboration with the Izquierdo lab 3, Adhikari lab 4, and Kneirim lab).


Recent work

link - SfN 2023

SfN 2023 poster - Place representations and cognitive control in both dorsal hippocampus and cingulate cortex ensemble activity

MiniLFOV scope

Guo, Blair et al. (2023) "Miniscope-LFOV: for large scale imaging of neural dynamics in freely behaving animals"

ACC activity during effortful behavior

Hart, Blair et al. (2020) "Chemogenetic Modulation and Single-Photon Calcium Imaging in Anterior Cingulate Cortex Reveal a Mechanism for Effort-Based Decisions"


* denotes equal co-authorship

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